Getting out of the Doldrums of life.

Doldrums of life No breeze to push your boat

What are the doldrums?

Doldrums is a low pressure equatorial region of the Atlantic Ocean with calms and light unpredictable winds. This region was very frustrating to sail because the winds were too weak to pull the ships of older times, trapping them for weeks .

In life the doldrums are periods of time when one feels stuck and listless when you no longer feel like doing anything and the daily chores feel like a burden.

It is very frustrating as one wants to be productive and do things, but is limited by energy and will. The feeling of wanting to achieve goals, knowing what it takes, but being unable to start working towards them is very uncomfortable and unsettling.

It is not a period of sadness, often things are going well, it comes out of nowhere making any productivity difficult and progress impossible..

I’ve been here for about a month a while back and it is not very comfortable..

How to deal with it?

By being honest with yourself and asking yourself some tough questions.

As a 21 year old, at a time when I am complainig about not feeling motivated to do anything,

I asked myself if I have earned a place in the world .

and the answer is no.

How can I talk about having a goal in life, when I have not even proved myself of being capable of surviving on my own.

I live at my parent’s place even though I am capable of going out and working. In countries like USA, by eighteen everyone holds jobs, why can’t I ?

And we are so influenced by stories about having a purpose in life, and pursuing a dream, to the point where when we see someone who just seems to be living day to day surviving we tend to disagree to that kind of life..

BUT, I realised the hypocrisy in this thinking, because I was not even doing that yet and while I was waiting for some higher purpose for it to be reveal itself, while the real one should have been to get to the point where I can sustain by myself, totally independently.

I had realised this 3 years back in my 1st year of college, and I intended to change that, and while I did earn some money but it’s not enough to sustain my living. I realised that I forgot it and maybe on some level I was trying to escape from the burden of responsibility.

Not just me, but this question is one which is very uncomfortable to ask oneself and it is the most vital.

Most of the youngsters I know think in terms of getting things they want but its the mentality of a child. The mentality of mature adults should be about about earning things and also to provide . Beyong a certain age, dependence is a prison and this everyone will realise, at one point or the other.

The realisation that struck me the most is that I need to ground myself and start working hard to fulfil the non-fancy non-inspiring more-human purpose of surviving on my own first. When I reach that point, when I earned my place, only then I deserve to have a dream to chase.

If at any time, you feel like I did, don’t waste time, and start by asking yourself hard questions and fulfil basic responsibilites.

That’s the cost of you earning a place in the world.