Being an adult is no way easy. While the freedom to do what we want is nice, it comes with a lot of responsibilities and obligations no one warned us of before..

Throughout the day we end up spending our time doing things expected of us like:

As a result of this we end up tired and fatigued at the end of the day. While a good night’s sleep seems enough to relax, it never feels like that. While it does rejuvenate our body, giving it time to reset, its nearly not enough for the mind.

From what I’ve learned from my experiences, the best way to truly recharge my batteries is not to wind down and reduce activity, but to step up and do something I like, pursue my Hobbies.

I found out that pursing hobbies had several advantages, such as:

Active Leisure Vs Passive Leisure

We usually tend to indulge ourselves in passive leisure more to wind down, like watching TV or movies or surfing the web. While it is okay to veg out from time to time, it is much more invigorating to do things that get you in the zone.

Active Leisure involves doing challenging activities that engrosses us so much that time flies quickly and makes you totally immersed in them, like Hobbies.

I have found out ending a day with getting involved in my hobbies leaved me with renewed energy the next morning..

Stress Relief

Hobbies, by definition, are what we do by choice and have fun. This distracts our minds from the drudgery of the day and helps to reduce stress.

I have found it to be most effective and fun way to kick stress out..

Learning New Skills

Most hobbies need us to learn new skills and put them to use. Be it writing or art or gardening, this is most definitely the most fun way to learn something without any perceived effort.

These skills may be useful to us in the future , which is always a great idea…

Boosts Creativity

While intelligence and logical reasoning can be measured and calibrated with focused effort, creativity doesn’t work that way.

Creativity, unlike Logic, is controlled by our subconscious mind. While it is possible to trace a train of thought step-by-step while solving logical problems, creativity works a bit differently.

When we are doing things consciously, our subconscious always works, making new connections and pathways. And these unobservable pathways light up during creative thought.

Hobbies work wonders because you lets your thoughts be free and unrestrained, making so many more connections in your subconscious. These bits of info collected and collated over time become entangled to become you next best novel creative idea..

Builds Self-Esteem

Self esteem is very important to us, it gives us the strength to believe in ourselves and gives us the confidence to tackle any problems thrown towards us by life.

When things are not going well in some aspects of our lives, hobbies are the best course of action to build our self back up.

The satisfaction of making something and the self-confidence of learning a new skill will always be the one solid good thing that will remain with us.

Makes You interesting

Hobbies help shape our personalities by adding new dimensions to it. A one tracked mind is severely limited in its capabilities and also plain boring.

On the other hand, a person with hobbies will always seem to be more interesting to others because of his width of personality and depth of character.

Gives You Perspective

Often when pursuing a particular hobby, the lessons learn may be useful in other areas of life as different hobbies require different mindsets to be in.

For example, taking care of my pet fish and growing small plants have taught me that relationships in life require some investment, a lot of patience and adequate care to blossom and grow..

It’s plain damn fun!

I understand the irony in the fact that I’m listing compelling reasons to pursue a hobby.. :P

But you will be surprised that hobbies can be more enjoyable then things like partying or drinking etc, things which we consider as top pleasure activities.

I was once stressed out and fatigued and couldn’t figure out how to relax. Now that I know, I thought it will be nice to share this information and hence I chose to write this post..

So please go ahead, pick a hobby and start right away, you will thank me for it!

And I’d be happy to hear your stories if it works out for you too.. :)