What I learned in Yoga: Priorities for a satisfactory life.


I had attended yoga classes near my place recently and I’d like to share my experience.

The best part about the institute was not just the asanas which were taught, but also the little bits of life advice which the instructors gave along with every asana. There were discussions about them too.

One such topic was about satisfaction in life. All my life I’ve never thought about this term. I had wanted success in life, maybe even happiness. I definately wanted to get high on life. But satisfaction ? Nope.

So on further listening I understood that satisfaction is the measure of well-being, when evaluated over the course of a lifetime. And well being meant a sum total of physical, mental and social health and prosperity.

Okay this was new. I listened intently now. Our instructor (or our guru ? - he never behaved like one, a simple man ) explained to us further :

” Often we come across people in life (could even be you), who even though seem to have all the things in life, are always sad and depressed. They complain alot, and are constantly irritated and get angered easily. “

” And on the other hand we see people who have alot of problems who, even though they have sufficient reason to be grumpy, take it all in their stride and move forth with a smile.”

” The sole difference between the both of these people are that one is not satisfied while the other one is.”

This made sense to me then. I had heard of these examples before and I thought that it has something to do with happiness.

That’s not correct. Happiness is a rare commodity (and an over-hyped one in my opinion) , and it has nothing to do with satisfaction.

You feel satisfied when, on self-evaluation, you feel you have enough and have done enough. Any lacking in either shows up in our psyche, either through anger, frustration etc.

If one is truly satisfied, even when things are against him, when times are tough, there will always be positivity in him to fight another day. Even though he is not happy , he is confident he can change his state of affairs without losing his mind..

Also, on wondering, it’s totally possible that one can feel empowered to level up in life, when things are pretty good then too like in decent times.

I realised that it’s a pretty cool state to be in and also that I am nowhere close to being satisfied.

Alright man, I’m sold. Tell me, how do I get there ?

The instructor enlightens us:

” For a person to attain satisfaction, there is no yoga asana, no meditation technique that will help him, he just need to live his life keeping a few things in mind.”

” Every one has 4 aspects of life that one has to manage simultaneously. All of these are essential and all are needed for a person to feel complete. Some might argue that one does not need maybe one of these, and can live just fine. That’s true, but we just don’t want to live, we want to live with satisfaction. And call it scientific evolutionary or societal needs, but needs they are. Lets get down to these 4 aspects. “

” The four aspects of life are
your family/friends,
your work/business and
the community “

I’ll explain from here, the quotes are hard to read, I know..

So the basic idea is we need to live 4 parallel lives and manage all in such a way as to do things satisfactorily in all of them.

Let’s dissect them..

  1. You : Your health, your personal goals , all your dreams, aspirations and what you do to achieve them

  2. Your family/friends : The relationships in your life . How well you live with your family and take care of them. How you make and enjoy good company of friends . And also what you do for and with them.

  3. Your Work/Business : The way in which you earn a place in this world. All your professional commitments and obligations and how you manage them.

  4. The Community : We should feel lucky for being born at a time when so many thing are invented for our convenience and this has been done by many people before our time. Hence, we owe a debt of grattitude to the world and we need to do a little to give back. Living just for self, makes you feel incomplete because you know this at some definite level..

And the most important take away from this are the


We need to fulfill our duties in this world in keeping this heirarchy of priorities in our minds.

Yes, duties.

I see so many people living as if they have “rights” in this world only and are quick to point that out. This attitude, especially in all us millenials develops a sense of arrogance, and false sense of importance.

Hence, when I started thinking in terms of the things I do as duties, I felt a lot more humble and all the negativity gave way to a bit of clarity of purpose.

As individuals, we are miniscule. We mean nothing and are nothing in the cosmic scale of things. Hence, living for just yourself is pathetic motivation, behind doing things.

Try the mind shift people, it makes a vast difference.

Sorry I digressed. As I mentioned, the priorities are the most important because we need to take care of the ascpect at the beginnig to be able to do justice the one below.

On thinking back, majority of my frustrations come from this. Not keeping what’s important in mind.

Hence the message to carry away from here is:

- Take care of yourself
- Focus on the priorities in life, and you wont get lost.
- Do something for the community, you owe it your existence
- Try to be satisfied in life, happiness is a cheap high.
- Think of your tasks as duties

Thats it for today.

Thanks for reading.

Ill refine this post later someday ..